An initiative for Career counseling and developing soft skills among Odisha’s Youth.


VK-AICYAM is offering a one of its kind Certification in Career Counselling programs in association with NIOS (The National Institute of Open Schooling) for the aspiring youths of Odisha. The entire program will be conducted at our own Bhubaneswar-based state-of-the-art Career counseling center. The main objective of the program is to equip the students of Class xii and above with the information on vast and ever-growing career opportunities and to develop the ambition to look beyond the immediate observable career options.


VK-AICYAM Career counseling program is a step towards holistic development of the youth community through nurturing the youth talent and enhancing their learning curve with various innovative experimentations. The Ultimate goal of our career counseling program is to help deliver excellence among our youth communities in whatever field they may want to opt for. Our curriculum is integrated with a holistic focused Value-based learning eco-system which helps the youth to develop his personal, Social & Environmental Awareness in an integrated approach. Our Career counseling program has been designed in such a way that it helps the youth community better understand their career and life leading them to become a great asset to our nation.


What career best fits your personality type? This is a million dollars questions for most youths today. Our 1-week “Career counseling program” helps wannabe job seekers with comprehensive sets of counseling sessions along with training on various soft skills knowledge to help the youths navigate the highly competitive job market successfully.

Why you should take the Test ?

Career counseling helps to preserve your passion so that you can become the person you always aspire to be.

Understand your Strengths

Find Right Career Options

Discover your Real Skills

Initiate Prompt Decisions

Our Career counseling team comprises certified career counselors and best career experts who have diverse experiences covering reputed industries, Govt. organizations, multi-national companies, NGOs, and start-ups.

Our Career counseling program will help the candidates to:

  • 1: Make the perfect career decision.
  • 2: Get their Favorite Job.
  • 3:Help them in their Career path
  • 4: Excel in their current Job.

VK-AICYAM Objective:

The main objective of the Career counseling program is not only to provide up-to-date information about various career options which are available right now in different sectors but also to guide the job-seeking youths with one-to-one counseling sessions and practical evidence-based soft skills development training programs. The entire program helps the candidates to become job-ready and helps him/her self to become employable in the ever-competitive job market.

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