"Yoga is a science which teaches how to awake our latent powers and hasten the process of human evolution."
- Swami Vivekananda

1: As a way of life based on the vision of Oneness.
2: As a methodology to counter the stress and pressure of modern day living.
3: As a holistic system to unravel the innate potentiality in man.
4: As a tool to bring social harmony.
5: As a path to spiritual development.

The word ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit is for yoke or union. The purpose of Yoga is to eventually dissolve separation and unify body, mind and spirit. Yoga has been an intrinsic part of the Indian ethos with Vedic roots. This ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual practice aims to transform body and mind and brings thought and action together in harmony. Besides internal harmony, Yoga also helps bringing harmony with society and nature.

At the roots of all the modern and complex problems posed to the human individual lies the materialistic, fragmented concept of the world and of man. An exclusive, ego-centered life-pattern forms the prime cause for the disintegration of society, which in turn results in the destruction of the happiness of all individuals. The solution, therefore, lies in expanding the awareness of one’s self and integrating oneself with the larger identities of the self i.e, family, society, nation and the entire Creation. Yoga is one of the key Indian techniques for developing an integrated personality with a balance of body-mind-spirit, and a positive relationship with society and nature. Yoga way of life, based on the vision of oneness can meet these modern challenges of life and society.

Yoga being the core of Vivekananda Kendra activities, at VK AICYAM, Bhubaneswar, worthwhile efforts will be made through various activities:


1: To study and research on the efficacy of Yoga as a factor for bringing harmony not only between one’s body and mind but also between Man and Nature, between Self and Society.
2: To study the application of Yogic concepts and techniques for advancement of Education, Health and Social integration with modern scientific approach.
3:To research and prepare different Yoga modules for the benefit of different category and for people of various segments of our society.
4: To undertake various activities for wider dissemination of information about benefits of practicing Yoga.
5: To propagate Yoga and its application for holistic living and bringing harmony in the changing social dynamics.